Collect Awesome Reviews and Referrals Real Time.

Use Automation and Technology to Encourage Clients to Review and Refer Your Business


How It Works



Sign up at a discounted rate

Spend 30 days testing the system and making sure it's exactly what we said it is and that it exceeds your expectations. If not, just request a full refund and we'll be delighted to refund you.  Continue on for just $49/month!


Use our professionally written copy or edit any of it yourself

The copy written is designed to get the most responses possible but you may want to tweak it for your specific industry, location or business. The entire platform is customizable so start from scratch if you'd like.




Determine where you want reviews

We currently support Google, Facebook, Yelp and BBB. You determine which of these sites you want to collect reviews on.



Add clients to your campaign

Add clients one by one as soon as you provided service to them or upload a .csv file of as many clients as you'd like and we'll take care of the rest.



Clients receives your email

Email asks if they would be interested in referring others to your business. If they say no, they are given a dialogue box that they can write in so your business can address their concerns privately. If they say yes, that's when the magic happens....



Clients Refer You

Clients get the chance to send a professionally written email to their friends and family refering your business out. These referals are tracked in your backoffice so you can see how many referals from each person.



Clients Review You

After the client writes a review, they are posted to Google, Facebook, Yelp and/or BBB. If you don't have a BBB profile or choose not to send to BBB for example, that option will not be available.



Enjoy the benefits of referals and reviews!

Watch your business grow with a modest monthly investment! Clients want to review and refer you, they just need to be asked and offered a simple way to do it.



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